About Us

Wasted Heroes is an instantly recognisable, bold & brazen street-wear label with an identity of its own. The label was founded by Liverpool based graphic designer Russell Reid who made a name for himself designing flyers for legendary Liverpool clubs Circus and Chibuku. He designs under the name Russtle and you can check out his latest work at www.russtle.com

With design and music being the backbone of his life, a streetwear label was the logical progression for Russell’s vision and in 2010 Wasted Heroes was born. The result was a unique streetwear label, born on the dance floor but rapidly becoming a music and graphics inspired brand that stretches beyond the parameters of electronic music.

Wasted Heroes has received support from the dance community in the shape of Yousef, Loco Dice, Carl Cox and Eats Everything to name just a few who champion the brand. We also have on-going merchandise collaborations with major electronic labels Circus Recordings and Sasha’s ‘Last Night On Earth’.

The label holds tight to its independent roots and is proud of its hands-on personal approach by designing, screen printing, photographing, labelling and distributing all garments from their cosy Liverpool based studio.

Although the label is 5 years old, we are still learning. Our collections are getting stronger and we’re getting to know and grow with our loyal customers. Our fan base stretches from our home soil in the UK to as far away as Australia and we get a real buzz knowing that someone from Hong Kong or Berlin has just purchased a WH garm.

To us, a t-shirt or sweatshirt is a walking blank canvas for us to work with. There’s no better compliment than someone liking your designs that much that they wear it across their chest for all to see. That’s what keeps us going and is why we love doing what we do!

And why the name Wasted Heroes?
We chose 50 suitable words that represented us, threw them all into a hat, then picked out two. Wasted Heroes is what came out!
The two words have taken on different meanings to us over the years,WH represents undiscovered artists of all forms who do what they do for the love of it.

The Wasted Heroes…